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Where Can You Pawn Your Jewelry in Billings, MT?

Express Pawn, Inc. offers free half carat diamond pawns

Do you need a small loan to make it to your next paycheck? Express Pawn, Inc. in Billings, MT offers you the most money for your items. Whether you're pawning or selling, you can count on a top-dollar, cash offer.

Visit us today for a loan to get a fair appraisal of the item you want to pawn.We'll give you an estimate based on the value of your collateral, and if you agree, we'll hold your items for 30 days. We offer free half carat diamond pawns every day. You can always expect, friendly, respectful and CONFIDENTIAL services from our knowledgeable staff. Contact us today at 406-256-7050 to learn more about our pawn services.

What happens when your 30 days are up?

The loan period at Express Pawn is 30 days, but you'll have a five-day grace period in case you need a bit more time. After that time is up, you'll have three options:

  1. Pay back the loan to get your item back
  2. Extend your loan past 30 days
  3. Leave your item with us for us to sell

Bring in your item today to quickly get the money you need. Although we aren't in the gun business at this time, we are more than happy to take a look at anything else you would like to bring in!